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In NCC has always been a huge part youth-building. Moulding and preparing the youth for their and the country’s better future. If NCC is preparing the cadets with challenging training, it is also their responsibility to take care of the cadets and since NCC is very well aware of its duties and responsibilities it created a cadet welfare society back in 1985. It has its Headquarter in New Delhi.


Now what is the aim of creating The Cadets Welfare Society? It’s simple, to take care of the crucial part of NCC which are the cadets. Without Cadets there’s no NCC. Now how do the Cadet Welfare Society take care of its cadets? A cadet is a student, so the welfare society simply provides scholarship to the deserving student cadets of NCC. Another important duty of the welfare society is to provide compensation money to the casualty caused due to NCC activities. There are some other parts played by the Cadets Welfare Society for its cadets.


The CWS was established in 1985 with its HQ in New Delhi. A Cadet when becomes a part of NCC also becomes a part of The CWS. Being enrolled in CWS requires the cadet to pay the enrolment fee of ₹15/-.
The CWS provides financial assistance in the following two ways:-

  • A total amount of ₹ 4.5 lacs is given to the nominee in case of death during normal NCC activity and ₹ 5 lacs in case the death happened during high risk NCC activity.
    Compensation money is also provided at the time of treatment if injury takes place during NCC activity.
  • The second way how The CWS provides financial assistance to the cadets is by providing Scholarships. 1000 scholarships of ₹ 6,000/- each is provided to the cadets based on their academic performance. Out of the 1000 scholarship, 250 are reserved for the cadets coming from rural areas.
  • Apart from scholarships, cadets are awarded some amount based on the best cadet award. Best cadet is awarded with ₹ 3,500/- and 2nd best cadet is awarded with an amount of ₹ 2,500/-. Best cadet and 2nd best cadet awards are constituted at the Group HQ Level.

We discussed the ways The CWS provides financial assistance to the cadets. Now let’s see the eligibility criteria as to how a cadet is eligible for the scholarship assisted by The CWS.

Junior wing/division cadets:-

  • Cadets should have passed 10th standard or equivalent in the previous academic year.
  • An aggregate of 70% marks is required.
  • He/she should have been in NCC training for 2 full years with a minimum of 80% attendance in regular parades.
  • There shouldn’t be any disciplinary inconvenience caused by the cadet.

Senior wing/division cadets:-

  • Cadets who have passed intermediate or senior secondary (10+2) examination or pre-degree/pre-university/second year course of graduate degree examination or diploma course in Polytechnic are eligible for awards.
  • The scholarships in each directorate should be equally divided into Science/Arts and Commerce streams cadets.
  • To ensure the proper utilisation of the scholarships, it can be given to other streams if not fully utilised by any of the streams.
  • To apply for the scholarship a science stream cadet must have 70% or above marks aggregate whereas Arts/Commerce stream cadets should only have 60% or above marks aggregate.
  • The cadet must have served in NCC for about 2 full years with 80% of attendance and without any disciplinary violation.

Concession for SC/ST/OBC Cadets

  • Relaxation of 5% marks to the minimum percentage being laid down.
  • Also if they score the minimum percentage required, they are eligible for a bonus of 10% on the actually scored marks.

Extra concession of 5% is given to the cadets belonging to the states of J&K, North East Region and Sikkim.

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