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Without any aim there is no defined path, and an undefined path leads us to nowhere. If we want to achieve a goal, we should be clear with our objective first. An aim is like the directions on a map, without directions a map would be worthless. NCC being the biggest youth empowering organisation has set its aim crystal clear to everyone.

The “aims” of the NCC were laid out in 1988 considering the social and economic needs of the country at that time. The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. Further, it aims at creating a pool of organized, trained and motivated youth with leadership qualities in all walks of life, who will serve the Nation regardless of which career they choose. Needless to say, the NCC also provides an environment conducive to motivating young Indians to join the armed forces. To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces.

Aim also comprises cardinal principles. There are four clearly defined cardinal principles of NCC which are as follows:-

  • Obey with a smile
  • Be Punctual
  • Work hard and without fuss
  • Make no excuses and tell no lies

Jai Hind

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