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Bangladesh receives Turkish-made Roketsan TRG-300 MLRS for Myanmar Border

According to information published by the Bangladesh Defence Analyst website on 3rd June 2021, the Bangladesh army has taken delivery of TRG-300 Tiger MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems produced by the Turkish company.  

In March 2021, the Bangladesh Chief of General Staff General Aziz Ahmed that the TRG-300 KAPLAN Missile System developed by Roketsan will be delivered to the Bangladesh army in June 2021. The TRG-300 is a mobile 300 mm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) based on a 6*6 military truck chassis. The launcher unit is mounted at the rear of the truck chassis and has four launcher tubes. 

The TRG-300 missile is available in a dual version, the Block 1 which weighs of 585 kg and can be fired with a range from 30 to 120 Km. It has an HE (High Explosive + Steel Ball) warhead weighing 105 Kg. The Block II missile is an upgraded version with a warhead of 190 Kg.  

Bangladesh Defence Analyst website released pictures of the TRG-300 and it showed that it is based on the Russian-made KamaZ 65224 series 6*6 military truck chassis. The truck is powered by KamaZ-740.632-400 four-stroke V8 diesel engine coupled to manual transmission ZF 16820 with an eight-speed gearbox.  

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