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Brigadier Mohd. Usman was born in the year of 1912, to a family of police officer Mr Mohd. Farooq and Mrs Jamilun Bibi in Mau district of UP. He had 5 other siblings. He has the valour and courage which is required in the armed forces, from the childhood, which was shown when he had jumped in the well at the age of 12 to save a drowning child. He was very much inspired to join the forces as an Officer but his father want him to go for Civil Services. But he pursued his dreams and despite of many difficulties to become an officer because at the time it was not easy for an Indian to join Army as an officer. He got admission in Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1932, a prestigious college in UK for armed forces. And it was also the last batch of Sandhurst for an Indian because IMA, Dehradun was established in 1932. He got commissioned as Second Lt. in 1934. In 1935, he was posted with the 5th Battalion of 10th Baluch Regiment. He had served in Burma in 1945. During the time of partition, the Baluch Regiment was allotted to Pakistan Army, but he wished to serve in Indian Army, and also being as Muslim, he was forced to join Pakistan Army by top commanders and Jinnah also, and was also promised the Rank of General of their Army in future, but without thinking of these benefits he wished to remain in Indian Army. Then he was transferred to Dogra Regiment.

Service NoIA 219
DOB15 Jul 1912
Last RankBrigadier
Unit10th Baluch Regiment (Before Independence)
Dogra Regiment (After Independence)
OperationOp Riddle (J&K)
AwardMaha Vir Chakra
Date of MartyrdomJul 3,1948


In 1947, suddenly there was a huge attack from the Pakistan side in the form of tribal fully armed, and backed by Pakistan Army to capture the areas of the princely state of J&K. Till that time fate of J&K was not decided. The tribal started looting the villagers and harmed them. Due to this sudden attack the king of J&K asked the help of Indian Army. Brigadier Usman was commanding 77th Para Brigade at that time and then was sent to command 50th Para Brigade to counter them. On 25th December 1947, all the odds went against him, and they were heavily outnumbered, and Pakistan Forces took Jhangar, which was a very important position there. After that defeat, Brigadier took vow that he will only sleep at floor on a mat not on any bed till the recapture of the area.

In the starting months of 1948, a fierce counter attack was made by his unit in Jhangar and Naushera under his command, he led them from the front despite of being such a senior officer. At Naushera, Indian Army got a very great victory by giving their counterparts a casualty of around 2000 (1000 dead and 1000 injured) and only 33 were martyred on Indian side. Their unit got very good appreciation from all over. After this he was nicknamed as ‘Lion of Naushera’. But as he had not completed his vow, he continued to sleep on the floor on a mat. In the last week of Feb, fresh attacks were launched to recapture Jhangar, by 50th Para Brigade with 19th Infantry Brigade. And with a great heavy attacks, Indian Army managed to recapture the area.

In May 1948, Pak Army tried to counter attack, but their all attempts were made failure for them, by the hard response from his men. And they were able to defend their position. In this battle, on 3rd July, he was hit by enemies 25 pond shell, which injured him badly and he succumbed to injuries and made a supreme sacrifice for the country. Due to his great inspiring leadership and an extra ordinary courage, he was awarded with Mahavir Chakra, second highest war time gallantry award.

Till now he remains highest ranked officer to be martyred. His funeral was attended by then PM Jawaharlal Nehru and his other cabinet ministers

He was a very religious and loyal person. While he was in Burma with Dogras, he became Vegetarian, and he made his men to take fast for every Tuesday, so that food could be donated to poor villagers. He remained bachelor in his life and had donated his some part of his salary for the education of poor children

“I am dying but let not the territory we were fighting for fall for the enemy”
His last words before dying.