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BSF in Bengal brings down the number of cattle smugglings

In West Bengal there has been a major decline in cattle smuggling due to the zero-tolerance approach adopted by the Centre as well as the strict vigilance conducted by the Border Security Force (BSF) along the Indo-Bangladesh border. 

According to a BSF source, the number of cattle smuggled across the border has dropped from about 20000 to 25000 a day in 2016-17 to just about 100 in some areas, and sometimes not even that many. 

Over the last several years, the BSF says it has been working diligently to contain this menace along the India-Bangladesh border and has finally been able to bring the situation under control through the efforts of local sources in the last two years. 

The Border Security Force (BSF) has also upgraded its infrastructure, and it has sought assistance from technology to fight illegal smuggling across the Indo-Bangladesh border. CCTV cameras have been installed at sensitive points along the International Border (IB) and intruder alarms have been installed so that soldiers on duty will be alerted in the event that something or someone attempts to cross the border. 

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