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Capt. Anuj was born in Delhi and brought up there too. His father SK Nayyar, was a professor in Delhi School of Economics and mother Meena Nayyar, worked in a library in South Campus of Delhi University. He was determined to get into the armed forces from the childhood as he was a student of Army Public School, Dhaula Kuna which had given the country many brave and courageous officers in the past, and passed his 12th from there after which he joined 90th course of National Defence Academy, where he was batch mate of PVC, Captain Manoj Pandey, in 1993 and passed out in June 1997 from IMA as a Lt in 17 Jat Regiment.

Service NoIC-57111
DOBAug 28, 1975
Last RankCaptain
Unit17 JAT
Arm/RegtJAT Regiment
OperationOP Vijay(Kargil)
AwardMaha Vir CHakra
Date Of MartyrdomJuly 7, 1999

When the war broke out, 17Jat was posted in Kashmir for counter insurgency operations, after the orders came, every operation was kept on hold and the unit moved forward posts.

After reaching there, he went with a team to assault on Pimple Complex, in the initial phase of attack, the company commander Maj Ritesh Sharma was injured badly, so he was evacuated, then Lt Anuj was promoted to Captain and became the company commander and led his team from the front. Then Point 4785 was attacked from two sides, one was led by Capt. Vikram Batra of 13Jak Rif, who later received PVC, and the other was led by Lt. Anuj, on the Pimple Complex. The lead team of Anuj saw 4 enemy bunkers, to be captured, the assault was started under the leadership of Capt. Anuj, he led the team in the heavy fires of shelling by the enemy and he motivated his men highly to charge upon the enemy. He destroyed the first bunker with a rocket launcher and assaulted the front. After a fierce fight with the enemy his team managed to destroy the first three of the enemy bunkers, he also got into hand to hand combat in between. While moving for the last bunker, he was hit by an enemy RPG. He martyred there instantly. His team charged the 4th bunker bravely and managed to clear the enemies. The conqueror of Pimple Complex was honoured to Anuj Nayyar, who sacrificed his life at the age of just 23. The victory of Pimple Complex gave the way for the Victory of Tiger Hill. For his exemplary bravery, and leading the men from the front, quick response of decision under heavy enemy firing. He was awarded Maha Vir Chakra Posthumously.

After the war, his father was allocated a gas station in Delhi, by the Govt. of India. A Hindi film ‘Dhoop’ was released in 2003, directed by a national award winner Ashwini Chaudhary, about the life of SK Nayyar, after their son’s sacrifice. His fellow soldier Tejbir Singh, named his new born ‘Anuj’ on the name of his valiant officer.

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