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Captain Jintu Gogoi was born in Golaghat, district of Assam in a family of Honorary Retired Flying Officer TR Gogoi, and Daluprabha. He had a sister named Luna. Started his schooling from Battle Axe Montessori school, Jodhpur but being a defence brat, he has to change many schools because of his father’s posting. He completed his masters from Kurukshetra University in Social Work. Joining the forces was his dream from childhood and he achieved his dream by joining the Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai for the 39th Short Service Commission course on 9th May, 1994. He wore the stars in his uniform on 11 March, 1995 and commissioned into Garhwal Rifles.

DOB21 Nov 1970
Last RankCaptain
Unit17 Garhwal
Arm/RegtGarhwal Rifles
OperationOp Vijay (Kargil)
AwardVeer Chakra
Date Of MartyrdomJune 30, 1999


Suddenly when the war broke out with Pakistan in 1999, he was on his holiday for his engagement with the love of his life whom he had loved for more than 5 years while he was in college. Just after 12 days of his engagement, he received a call to get back to Kargil with his unit for the war, without thinking twice he left for the War. And he assumed the charge at the heights of 16000 feet. He was tasked to eliminate the enemies from the Kala Pathar in the Jubar Heights. On the night of 29th June, he started his operation with a team of 25 other soldiers with him, and went to the top. While reaching the top, his team was surrounded by all over and were said to surrender. And didn’t thinking about their life, they opened fire on the enemy. The whole sky was filled with the chanting of the war cry of Garhwal Rifles ‘Bhadra Vishal Lal ki Jai’.

Despite being outnumbered by the enemy, they continued fighting very bravely and charged to the enemy. Capt. Gogoi killed two enemies in person, and also got some gun wounds, but continued his firing despite the flowing blood from his body. And he filled his soldiers with motivation and inspired the men to fight till the last breath. Suddenly he was hit with a burst of fire, and he received serious injury and fell down in a moment of time. And at a very low temperature at the heights of 16000 feet, he succumbed to the injuries.

He laid down his life in the highest tradition of the country, but they managed to defeat the enemies and the rest of enemies left the position and fled away. For his exemplary bravery and decision making at the time of war, leading his men from the front, he was awarded a Vir Chakra posthumously.

Later on the battalion started another series of attacks and took the peak from the enemy. And the battalion was awarded Battle Honour ‘Batalik’ Kargil for the action of 17 Garhwal Rifles. Initially his fiancee didn’t want to marry another person but the Gogoi’s agreed to her and now she is a mother of two. A memorial was made by his father in his son’s memory. His parents now live in Khumtai, their hometown. The Govt. of Assam awarded him ‘Vir Chilarai Award’ in 2007 and ‘Lachit Award’ in 2014 for his selfless service for the nation.

The nation will always remember these bravehearts who laid down their life for the country. Their deeds will motivate the young generation to wear the uniform for the country forever.

The war was well done. Nothing about my next visit.

Captain Jitun Gogoi  A line from his last letter to his parents.