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Commander Kuntal Wadhwa was a competent naval officer who served the Indian Navy with utmost dedication for over 17 years. Commander Wadhwa was an experienced engineering officer and had served in various ships before being given the responsibility of commissioning INS Kolkata. He had taken charge as an engineering officer onboard INS Kolkata on 30th May 2013.  

Service Number 41909-Y 
Rank Commander 
Unit INS Kolkata 
Award Nao Sena Medal 
Date of Martyrdom 7th March 2014 

On 7th March 2014, COGas Discharge Test (GDT) was scheduled to test the efficiency of the firefighting system for machinery compartments. Commander Wadhwa after briefing the crew decided to personally lead the team manning the COstation which houses the CO2 cylinders and the manual actuation mechanism to be used in case of failure of the automatic system. However, unfortunately, the CO2 gas system malfunctioned resulting in the leakage of carbon dioxide. Commander Wadhwa immediately ordered his team to evacuate and he stayed to rectify the defect. He inhaled a large amount of carbon dioxide and also sustained a head injury which turned fatal for him and he got martyred. He is survived by his wife Lieutenant Sandhya Wadhwa. 

For his indomitable spirit, Commander Wadhwa was awarded the ‘Nao Sena Medal’ posthumously.

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