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Joining NCC has become a dream for many youngsters. It not only trains them into a groomed individual but also provides them with certain benefits. These benefits specifically include the certificate examination which is like cherry on the cake. Certificate examination is the test which every cadet has to give after completing 2-3 years of training. This exam is a reflection of the skills you’ve gained through NCC. It tests your practical as well as your theoretical skills which you’ve gradually acquired in your training years.

There are three certificate examinations, namely “A”, “B” &”C” certificate exam. With “C” being the certificate of highest value, it becomes important for the cadet to earn it. Below are the few basic yet important points about each certificate:-


There are three grades which are “A”, “B” & “C”. The best grade among them is “A” followed by “B” and “C”. passing the examination requires 45% marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50%. “A” grade is awarded if scored 80% or above. “B” grade to those scoring 65% and above but below 80%. and the lowest grade is “C”, which is obtained if scored 50% and above but below 65%. cadets scoring less than 45% or an aggregate of less than 50% are regarded as fail.
This was all about the NCC certificate and their benefits. I hope that after reading all the benefits you can gain from NCC ,not only in defence but in the public sector also, will motivate you to join NCC. Apart from professional life benefits, it promotes personality development too.

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Jai Hind