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Havildar Satvir Singh belonged to Khajpur village of Mathura district in UP. He joined the Indian Army at an age of 19 in 2000. He got recruited into 16 Jat of Jat Regiment.In 2019, his unit was posted in J&K near LOC. Their main task was to keep vigilance around forward posts and to maintain regular patrols to ensure safety. There was very much height near some of the posts, and the area was prone to heavy snow and other natural disasters regularly. And one such avalanche came in March of 2019 when Havildar Satvir Singh with his team members manning the posts.

Place of BirthMathura, Uttar Pradesh
Unit16 Jat
RegimentJat Regiment
Date of Martyrdom31st March 2019

The avalanche was very sudden and it didn’t give any amount of time to take any safety measures to protect themselves from it. Havildar Satvir Singh and some of his comrades got bury inside few inches of heavy snow. An operation was launched to rescue them by Army, and after searching for many long hours, they found Havildar Satvir Singh but didn’t manage to save him as he had laid down his life inside the snow.

He was remembered as a brave soldier, who had got many decorations and awards in his long 19 years’ service. He is survived by his wife and children.

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