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The statement “Leaders are made not born” is not a cliched statement. It is entirely true, the quality of leadership is not passed over through generations by birth, rather they are inculcated over time by the environment, hobbies, activities, people one meets and interacts with, etc.

So, if one starts building up these qualities in future it will add up to make a huge difference in the personality and leadership quality of an individual. Some go to army schools or Sainik schools, some join NCC or NSS, some take part in organizing events in schools and colleges, some act or dance, some play active sports or athletics and much more. These activities play a huge part in developing one’s personality and knowledge of the world.

However, few young people have spent their young age not taking part in any extra-curricular activities such as sports, NCC, organizing, etc. Their childhood is spent in the shadow of their families while being glued to books and some others play video games as well. And if you are one of them and want to still develop the leadership quality you can do that and the fact is you can always become a leader. If you follow the 21-21 formula, you will be able to make or break a habit in 21 days. If you are looking to develop leadership qualities within you starting right now, then this article is for you.

Remove shyness: First of all, we are under the impression that what people will think if we do this or that, will they laugh? These kinds of social taboos have existed for a long time but the people who have come out of them have become successful in the long term. Do not feel shy at anything, if you want to give a speech then do it, if you are organizing a cleanliness drive then do it. Do not shy away from the things you want to do. Insecurities kill more dreams than anything else.

Make a time-table: The little things matter in life, from waking up to sleeping, there are little things that do matter and it helps us and prepares us to go for the bigger things. Be it waking up and rolling our sheets early in the morning to an evening walk/run after office/school/college hours, it matters. Make a time table for things you want to do today and achieve today. Setting up a time table will make you competitive and the competition is with yourself and not with others. If you are self-managed nothing can disrupt from your course.

Make the Internet as your friend: Today, the internet is available to everyone and it can be accessed with the tip of our fingers. But majorly internet is full of absurd content, so choose the right content and right information. Listen to podcasts, motivational speakers, stories of the field you want to join or interested in. See the content that feeds you and allows you to grow. It is easy to get lost in the vast world of the internet but if you feed on the right items it will do wonders for you. 

Socially Adaptable: Some people are introverts but if you want to develop yourself you go to change and change for good. And some people are extroverts but all the people have to develop the habit of being socially adaptable such as being pleasant and humble. Be helping towards others and kind and considerate. This will make people listen to you and treat you with respect. That includes being friendly even with our parents as well.

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