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Book’s 3rd Edition has got Foreword & Appreciation from
Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, Ex-Chairman Standing Committee of Defence
General (Dr.) V.K. Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC(Retd.)
Book’s 3rd Edition has got Foreword & Appreciation from
Satpal Maharaj Ji, Ex-Chairman Standing Committee of Defence
General (Dr.) V.K. Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC(Retd.)
Traffic Secrets Book
vk singh
Author Warrior Dr. Ujjwal Chugh in conversation with General (Dr.) V.K. Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC(Retd.)
vk singh
Author Warrior Dr. Ujjwal Chugh in conversation with Brig. G J Singh, VSM, (Retd.)
vk singh
Author Warrior Dr. Ujjwal Chugh in conversation with Maj. General Sunil Kumar
vk singh
Author Warrior Dr. Ujjwal Chugh in conversation with Maj. General Dilawar Singh (Retd.)
After the Success of How To Crack SSB book, a new revolutionizing course has been launched
SSB Recommendation Blueprint Journey
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From: Warrior Dr. Ujjwal Chugh
Founder & Author How To Crack SSB

Let me know if this happened to you...

As an IAF Aspirant, there have been times in life where you’ve been trying to understand:
“What exactly SSB requires? If I know it then surely I can get Recommended..."

And so we have been hunting various books and coaching to succeed in SSB...

Whatever YOU have been finding...

Hoping that IF you get the right guidance, strategy & mentoring, that will enable you to get recommended.
And then YOUR dream comes true to get the Pride, Honor & Uniform...
But unfortunately, you end up as SSB Repeater...

Is that your story right now? Is that why you're here?

You have the Passion & Dedication to get the Uniform, but you end up as a SSB Repeater?

Or, does your story is little bit different?

Maybe you are striving to get Screened In as you are not even able to clear 1st stage of SSB...

Have you ever thought...
"Until I don't understand the science of SSB Recommendation and Why SSB selection rate is so low...
Can You really Get
SSB Recommendation?"
My name is Dr. Ujjwal Chugh, got a title of warrior from the Youth and I'm the author of the Top Rated SSB Book having a followership of 1.4 lac aspirants on FB called How To Crack the SSB, and book's latest edition has got foreword & appreciation from eminent personalities:

👉 Satpal Maharaj Ji, Ex-Chairman Standing Committee of Defence
👉 General (Dr.) V.K. Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC(Retd.)
👉 Maj. General Dilawar Singh (Retd.)
👉 Lt General Ghanshyam Singh Katoch, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), Former GoC Desert Corps and Director General Perspective Planning
Russell Brunson Reading Traffic Secrets
Myself being a passionate Indian Air Force fighter pilot aspirant, I cracked NDA twice and got the SSB Recommendation twice consecutively from 4AFSB Varanasi board.

Both time after SSB Recommendation in my medical, I got 0.25 myopic eyesight and got unfit to join Indian Air Force...

I was completely dejected...

Hardly IAF aspirants are able to get SSB Recommendation and I twice consecutively got SSB Recommended, and on the last mile something unexpected happened with me twice...

But warrior never dies within you, and when you have given yourself 100% with honesty then nature has some bigger plans for you...

I had to believe in myself and striving to know when I have cleared the SSB Recommendation twice then why it happened with me...
Two Years Later got the silver lining to work as a warrior with a bigger mission...
My juniors & friends in college started approaching me for SSB guidance since I have the practical SSB experience and I also cracked NDA and SSB recommended twice...

It started small, helping IAF aspirants approaching me.

And slowly-n-slowly it became big across India, and lot of IAF aspirants got success in their SSB with my step-by-step guidance..

And two years after this...

A leading book publishing house approached me for a book on step-by-step SSB guidance.

Book got a grand launch at World Book Fair in New Delhi and was inaugurated by Maj. Gen. Sunil Kumar...

And soon after the book launch, book helped lot of aspirants in creating their SSB success story...

"And here I presenting You
How To Crack the SSB book
that will give you a successful path towards SSB Recommendation...

How To Crack SSB Book Reviews
IAF Aspirant Book Review

IAF Aspirants followers on Our FB
IAF Aspirants trained with SSB Training
of Aspirants Success Stories
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How To Crack the SSB book by Ujjwal Chugh and the live training sessions are deeply helping Defence Aspirants to succeed.
Russell Brunson talking to inner circle
All the IAF Aspirants are getting Strategic Guidance for SSB:
  • NDA Aspirants
  • OTA Aspirants
  • NCC Special Entry Aspirants
  • Tech Entry Aspirants
  • CDS Aspirants
  • AFCAT Aspirants
  • ACC Aspirants
  • Other Entries Aspirants
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Trust me, once you will have this book you will feel the clarity that you require for SSB Recommendation because this is how other aspirants have shared their powerful experience after going with book.
Inside of This Top Rated SSB Book... Here Are A Few Powerful Sections of Book You'll Discover For FREE!
Inside How To Crack the SSB Book I will be sharing my live experience of how I got twice SSB Recommendation. Also, you will get the step-by-step strategic understanding on the SSB Screening, SSB Psychology, SSB GTO, SSB Interview, PABT Test and SSB Conference.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside this powerful book:
Section #1: Service Selection Board
  •      What is SSB?
    •      Service Selection Boards
    •      Composition of SSB
  •      Need for SSB
  •      Procedure
    •      Screening Test
    •      Psychology
    •      Interview
    •      GTO
  •      Facilities for Candidates at SSB
  •      Prerequisites of SSB
    •      Summary
    •      MCQ’s
Section #2: Officer’s Like Qualities
  •      What are OLQ’s?
  •      Need for Studying OLQ’s?
  •      Types of OLQ’s
    •      Planning and Organizing
      •      Effective Intelligence
        •      How to Enhance Effective Intelligence within You
      •      Reasoning Ability
        •      How to Enhance Reasoning Ability within You.
      •      Organizing Ability
        •      How to Enhance Organizing Ability within You.
      •      Power of Expression
        •      How to Enhance Power of Expression within You.
    •      Social Adjustment
      •      Social Adaptability
        •      How to Enhance Social Adaptability within you
      •      Co-operation
        •      How to Enhance Co-operation within you
      •      Sense of Responsibility
        •      How to Enhance Sense of Responsibility within you.
    •      Social Effectiveness
      •      Initiative
        •      How to Enhance Imitativeness within You
      •      Self Confidence
        •      How to Enhance Self Confidence within you
      •      Speed of Decision
        •      How to Enhance Speed of Decision within you
      •      Ability to Influence a Group
        •      How to Enhance ‘Ability to Influence Group’ within you
      •      Liveliness
        •      How to Enhance liveliness within you
    •      Dynamic
      •      Determination
        •      How to Enhance Determination within you
      •      Courage
        •      How to Enhance Courage within you.
      •      Stamina
        •      How to Enhance Stamina within you.
  •      Various Human Body organs which reflect OLQ’s
  •      How to make OLQ’s as your own personality trait.
    •      Summary
    •      MCQ’s
Section #3: Screening Tests
  •      What is Screening Tests?
  •      Need for conducting Screening Tests?
  •      Types of Screening Tests
    •      Verbal Tests
      •      Model Questions
    •      Non-verbal Tests
      •      Model Questions
  •      Picture Perception and Discussion Test
    •      Need for conducting Picture Perception and Discussion Test
    •      Picture Perception
      •      How to write a story in PPDT?
      •      Sample Question
    •      Discussion of a Picture
      •      Individual Narration
      •      Group Discussion
  •      Screening Result
  •      DO’s and DON’T’s for Screening Tests
  •      Mistakes often committed by the candidates in the Screening Tests
  •      Appendix
Section #4: Psychology
  •      What is Psychology?
  •      Need for conducting Psychology Tests?
  •      Psychology Tests
    •      Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
      •      What is TAT?
      •      What to do in TAT?
      •      Rules for TAT
      •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for TAT
      •      Do’s & Don’ts for TAT
      •      Piece of Advice
    •      Word Association Test (WAT)
      •      What is WAT?
      •      What to do in WAT?
      •      Rules for WAT
      •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for WAT
      •      Do’s & Don’ts for WAT
      •      Piece of Advice
    •      Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
      •      What is SRT?
      •      What to do in SRT?
      •      Rules for SRT
      •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for SRT
      •      Do’s & Don’ts for SRT
      •      Piece of Advice
      •      Exercise
    •      Self Description Test (SDT)
      •      What is SDT?
      •      What to do in SDT?
      •      Rules for SDT
      •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for SDT
      •      Do’s & Don’ts for SDT
      •      Piece of Advice
      •      Exercise
  •      Mistakes often committed by the candidates in Psychology
    •      Summary
    •      MCQ’s
Section #5: Group Testing Officer Tasks
  •      What are GTO tasks?
  •      Need for GTO tasks?
  •      Types of GTO Tasks
    •      Indoor Tasks
      •      Group Discussion
        •      What is GD?
        •      What to do in GD?
        •      Golden Tips for GD
        •      Piece of Advice for GD
      •      Group Planning Exercise
        •      What is GPE?
        •      What to do in GPE?
        •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for GPE
        •      Golden Tips for GPE
        •      Golden Tips for GPE
        •      Piece of Advice for GPE
        •      Sample Problem
    •      Outdoor Tasks
      •      Progressive Group Tasks
        •      What is PGT?
        •      What to do in PGT?
        •      Rules for PGT
        •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for PGT
        •      Golden Tips for PGT
        •      Piece of Advice for PGT
        •      Sample Problem
      •      Half Group Tasks
        •      What is HGT?
        •      What to do in HGT?
        •      Rules for HGT
        •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for HGT
        •      Golden Tips for HGT
        •      Piece of Advice for HGT
        •      Sample Problem
      •      Command Task
        •      What is CT?
        •      What to do in CT?
        •      Rules for CT
        •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for CT
        •      Golden Tips for CT
        •      Piece of Advice for CT
        •      Sample Problem
      •      Lecturette
        •      What is lecturette?
        •      What to do in lecturette?
        •      Rules for lecturette
        •      Golden Tips for lecturette
        •      Piece of Advice for lecturette
      •      Individual Obstacle
        •      What is IO?
        •      What to do in IO?
        •      Rules for IO
        •      Golden Tips for IO
        •      Piece of Advice for IO
        •      Types of Sample Problem
      •      Group Obstacle Race
        •      Introduction of GOR?
        •      Rules for GOR
        •      Golden Tips for GOR
        •      Piece of Advice for GOR
        •      Sample Problem
      •      Final Group Task
        •      What is FGT?
        •      What to do in FGT?
        •      Rules for FGT
        •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for FGT
        •      Golden Tips for FGT
        •      Piece of Advice for FGT
        •      Sample Problem
Section #6: Interview
  •      What is an Interview?
  •      Need for an Interview?
  •      Aim of SSB Interview
  •      Types of questions asked in an Interview
    •      Leading Questions
    •      Open-Ended Questions
    •      Probing Questions
    •      Close-Ended Questions
  •      Action Plan- Winning Strategy for Interview
    •      Personal Information Questionnaire
      •      What is PIQ form?
      •      Template PIQ form
      •      Why to fill PIQ form?
      •      Guidelines for filling the PIQ form
    •      Making a Splendid Impression
    •      Hand gripping the Interview Questions
  •      Mistakes often committed by the candidates in Interviews
Section #7: Pilot Aptitude Battery Test
  •      What is PABT?
  •      Need for conducting PABT?
  •      PABT Tests
    •      Written Test
    •      Machine Test
      •      The Light Control Test
      •      Drum Test
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Indian Armed Forces (IAF) is my one of the mentors in leading a successful, impactful & meaningful life. I owe my success to IAF, thus it is our duty to give back to our mentors, and that is why I am on a mission to "help 100K aspirants to get into IAF as an Officer".
I commit myself to your success & SSB Recommendation. The only thing that is required from your side is the honesty, dedication & commitment to invoke the 'Non-Uniform' officer in your daily life and undying passion to get into Indian Armed Forces.


Author & Founder
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I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP.
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