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Indian army enhances troops in Ladakh as China deploys 60000 troops

Chinese PLA has maintained around 60,000 troops across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh even during extreme winter conditions. Similarly, India also maintained its troops to ensure that the Chinese army do not take any undue advantage. 

Despite withdrawing all of its summer training troops from the areas opposite Ladakh, the Chinese Army still maintains 60,000 troops based there. There have also been moves by the Indian Army to strengthen the 14 Corps in Ladakh with the Rashtriya Rifle Force in the Ladakh theater of operations, according to reports. 

Furthermore, the army is keeping forward deployments going for countering any threat in the area as well as keeping passes near the LAC open to allow troops to be moved forward quickly if required. 

The Indian Army has continued to deal with the Chinese troops in a firm, resolute, and peaceful manner while maintaining the sanctity of India’s claims. 

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