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Indian Army – History

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The definition of Grit, Indomitableness, Camaraderie is known from Indian Defense Forces. Indian Army is the Thal Sena of India (the largest component among all) and Third largest in world ranking. The Headquarter is in Delhi and it has seven commands overall in India.
Indian Army was formed through the Charter Act of 1833 for different presidencies and unified as Indian Army on 1st April 1885. The same POW and many soldiers during II World War joined Indian National Army led by Subhash Chandra Bose in 1942, which eventually helped India to gain independence. With independence the Indian Army was bifurcated between two nations.

Indian Army has fought many battles under british rule, World War I, II before independence. Post Independence it has fought in four major Wars so far.

First War India and Pakistan (Kashmir Conflict) 1947: Post independence Pakistan wanted to capture the Kashmir which was a princely state. With the Instrument of Accession, Indian Army with Indian Air Force defeated the Pakistan military to prevent the capture, and with UN resolution LOC (line of control) came into effect. Since then, this rage has never been eliminated.

Sino-India War 1962: The sovereignty of Aksai chin was considered as part of kashmir from India, and part of xinjiang of China. After The acquisition of Tibet, China started constructing a link road between Tibet and Xinjiang, Indian Army opposed the move. Chinese military counterattacked from Northeast (Arunachal Pradesh) and northwest frontier(Aksai Chin). Indian Army was not able to fight as per the situation due to misled representatives at political level and had to lose many of its soldiers, later the LAC (Line of Actual Control) was negotiated, and Arunachal was left compromising Aksai chin with China.

Indo-Pak War 1965: Pakistan Military launched operation Gibraltor to invade Kashmir to spread the hatred propaganda in false hope of presuming India to be in unstable condition post Sino-Indian war, Indian Army defended its motherland by destroying their battle tanks, There was strategic win of Indian Army in terms of less casualties of soldiers, and armaments than Pakistan Military.

Bangladesh Liberation War 1971: With the increasing efforts of people of East Pakistan to get independence and surge of refugees in India. Indian Defense Forces fought for them. Indian Army exerted all the effort to liberate East Pakistan (Bangladesh). It was a clear win for India, in the Bengal region and Rajasthan border (Battle of longewala). Gen J.S. Arora signed the instrument of surrender for Pakistan POWs. This war was majorly led by Indian Army Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa under PM Indira Gandhi. This War was fought from all borders (land, water, sea).

Kargil War 1999: Under inhospitable weather conditions the posts were vacated from years. Pakistan with the intention to capture Jammu kashmir took advantage of this and captured crucial posts including Tiger Hill which connects Srinagar to Leh and other such peak points near LOC. On getting intelligence from a local shepherd , Indian army organized a full plan with a team to push back them from the posts. With gruelling strength soldiers with indomitable spirit forced back capturing posts one after the other, Indian Air Force also airlifted to close proximity and located remote captures and sorties to attack on enemy’s post. Gradually Indian Army was able to recapture all of its posts including pt. 4950 (shown in movie Lakshya also) and the highest point “Tiger Hill” which in till date is one of the greatest victories of Indian Army. They were able to raise Indian flag on these posts to prove the enemy’s not to make futile efforts against the courage of Indian Armed Forces.

Indian Army has also given many of its soldiers and Officers for international missions like UN Peacekeeping mission as per accord with UN. The latest 2016 Surgical Strike is known to everyone in today’s date (URI movie is based on the same). With these vast history of achievements and sacrifices for its motherland Indian army has always proved its mettle and inspired many with their bravery. Our Indian Army is well efficient and at an eminent level like war machines.

If these words inspired you, you are one among those youth who aspire to serve your motherland. One may serve the motherland either by joining forces or by supporting the forces, both kinds of persons are respected in the society.

Let’s not forget the sacrifices by the bravehearts for their services for our nation.