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Indian Army to create new fighting units by next year

The Indian Army is now on course to form new self-contained fighting units called ‘integrated battle groups (IBGs)’. These IBGs will mobilize fast and hit hard the enemies. The initial lot of IBGs, each with around 5,000 soldiers and a mix of infantry, tanks, artillery, air defense, signals, engineers, and other units permanently deployed together, should be carved out of existing formations by early 2022, say officers. 

Army Chief General Naravane told TOI, “Creation of IBGs is a logical step towards our operational thought process on how to conduct future operations in an integrated all-arms paradigm. The process of ‘IBG-isation’ is well underway and in-house deliberations are being carried out to evolve force structures proficient in fighting and winning future wars.” 

The creation of IBGs and theatre commands as well as the ongoing organizational restructuring of the 13-lakh Army are all geared towards acquiring a greater offensive punch and addressing the two-front challenge posed by China and Pakistan. 

IBGs meant for Pakistan will be focused more on tanks and heavy artillery due to the plains, while the ones for China will have more infantry and light artillery for mountain warfare. 

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