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Japanese PM pledges to increase defence amid threats from China and N Korea

In his first troop review Saturday, the Japanese prime minister reiterated his commitment to considering all options, including acquiring enemy base strike capability, and pledging to create a stronger self-defence force to protect the country amid growing threats from both China and North Korea. 

PM Kishida noted that the security situation surrounding Japan has been rapidly changing and that reality is more troubling than ever, with North Korea continuing to test-fire missiles while advancing its capabilities, and China bolstering its military and assertive actions in the region. 

“I will consider all options, including possessing so-called enemy base strike capability, to pursue strengthening of defence power that is necessary,” Japanese PM said in an address to hundreds of Ground Self-Defence Force members. 

As concerns over the increasing military activities of China, Russia, and North Korea grow, Kishida’s cabinet approved an extra 770-billion-yen defense budget through March in order to expedite the purchase of missiles, anti-submarine rockets, and other weapons. 

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