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Lance Naik Parsaram Jat hailed from a remote village of Nagaur dist. of Rajasthan, born on a very fresh new year of 1962 i.e.1 Jan. He did his schooling from a govt. school nearby to his village. He was very good in sports and had won many prizes in school and village level, but he had more love towards the army uniform and had told his father that he would surely get that for himself by joining the Army. On 4th October 1980, he achieved his dream by joining the Army and was recruited into 3 Grenadiers, which is known as PVC Paltan awarded to Major Hoshiar Singh in 1971 Indo-Pak War. After two years of his service, he married Smt. Mangani Devi.

Service Number2673821
Last RankLance Naik
OperationOperation Rakshak (J&K)
Last RankCaptain
Unit3 Grenadiers
Arm/RegtThe Grenadiers Regiment
AwardShaurya Chakra
Date Of MartyrdomAug 10, 1995

Kupwara Operation 1995

During 1995, 3 Grenadiers were posted in Kupwara for counter insurgency operations, and they dealt many successful operations, and had sent many terrorists to death. They had done their operations very bravely and came victorious every time. On 10th August some specific piece of information reached their base and an operation was launched, in which Lance Naik Parsaram Jat was also part of. After reaching the suspected spot, they cordoned the area. Suddenly the troops were fired upon heavily by hidden enemies. Lance Naik Parsaram Jat was acting as a scout to the team, immediately seeing the positions of the enemy, he signalled to his troops and told them to take appropriate cover. And a fierce encounter took place. Then Lance Naik saw an enemy who was causing serious threat to the life of his comrades, so he decided on himself to neutralize the enemy and went onto the enemy by crawling. While crawling to the enemy, he was also hit by one bullet, but he managed to reach him and shot the enemy. But on the same time another enemy fired upon him, and he was seriously injured, but immediately he gave him retaliatory fire towards him and also finished his game, but he also succumbed to injuries after some time. In doing his duty for the country he immortalized himself for the safety of the nation. For his unparalleled courage, he was awarded with Shaurya Chakra posthumously. He was remembered as a very brave soldier who had shown his bravery various times during his 15 years of service.

“When you go home tell them of us: For Your Tomorrow We Gave Our Today”