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Major Satyapal Chopra was born on 12th November 1922, to Shri Gouri Nath Chopra. He joined the Indian Army at the age of 20, on 1st July 1942. He was commissioned into the Maratha Light Infantry. The Indo-Pak war 1947 was started after the attack by Pakistani raiders on Jammu and Kashmir in October 1947. They captured Jhangar which pushed them to advance, to Nowshera and Poonch sectors. During this advance two companies of 3 Maratha Light Infantry were tasked to march as a vanguard of 50 Para Brigade. Major Satyapal was commanding one of the companies. 

Service Number IC-1333 
Rank Major 
Unit 3 Maratha LI 
Regiment Maratha Light Infantry 
Award Maha Vir Chakra 
Date of Martyrdom 15th March 1948 

On 15th March 1948, the two MLI companies moved out on offensive reconnaissance to locate enemy positions in the Pir Thil area. The enemies in the same area were keeping a close watch on the Army companies. The MLI companies were caught unaware and were attacked with four machine guns and six light automatics. Major Satyapal rushed forward with a platoon to a position to provide cover to his troops. He kept firing despite getting wounded on the face. He then turned to evacuate the injured soldiers and managed to evacuate three of them. But while evacuating the fourth one he got shot in the head and got martyred.  

Major Satyapal was awarded the nation’s second-highest gallantry award, ‘Maha Vir Chakra’ posthumously for his outstanding bravery and supreme sacrifice.   

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