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Major Vetri Nathan was born on 24th February 1941 to an Indian Navy veteran Cdr N K Nathan. He belonged to Mumbai in Maharashtra. He was commissioned into 2/11 GR of the famed 11 Gorkhas Rifles Regiment. During the 1971 war with Pakistan Major Vetri Nathan’s Battalion 2/11, GR was deployed in the Kargil Sector of J&K.  

Service Number IC-13991 
Place of Birth Mumbai 
Rank Major 
Unit 2/11 GR 
Regiment 11 GR 
Award Vir Chakra 
Date of Martyrdom 6th December 1971 

Maj Vetri Nathan was commanding one of the companies that took on this challenging task and launched the attack on 06 Dec 1971. Major Vetri Nathan managed to capture the enemy-held post “Black Rocks”. Subsequently, the Company marched on towards Point 13620. However, the advance was being hindered by the enemy’s Medium Machine Gun post on the summit. After analyzing the gravity of the situation, Major Vetri Nathan realized that the enemy MMG post had to be destroyed. Without regard to his safety, he called for the handheld Rocket Launcher and personally rose to take aim and neutralize the enemy MMG bunker. While he shot off the rocket which knocked off the MMG post, he at the same time took an enemy bullet through his head and was martyred.  

Major Vetri Nathan was given the gallantry award, “Vir Chakra” posthumously. 

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