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I t can be said that the “C” certificate is something which every cadet craves for and why not, because the amount of benefits it provides is undeniably huge. This is the highest level of certificate. The benefits of the “C” certificate would be briefly explained a little later.

  • Moving on to the eligibility criteria, the most important of all is the cadet must have a “B” certificate.
  • To be eligible to write “C” certificate exam, you should be 17 years or above i.e. the cadet should belong to Senior Wing/Division.
  • Cadets should have completed three years of training including the two years spent during “B” certificate training.
  • Cadets must have a minimum of 75% attendance in total training periods.
  • It is compulsory to attend at least two annual training camp or one annual training camp and any one of the following camps:  RD Camp Delhi, Centrally Organised Camp, Para Training Camp, Attachment Training with service units, National Integration Camp, Youth Exchange Programme, or Foreign Cruise (Navy Wing only).
  • Training is more intense than “A” & “B” certificates as it carries more importance.
  • Bonus marks are given to the cadets if they attend any national camp or any other special camp other than CATC.
  • Taking a break from NCC training tenure shouldn’t exceed more than 18 months if the cadet wishes to appear for the “B” certificate exam.
  • In case the break exceeds 18 months the following procedure will be adopted :-
    • If the cadet has been in the unit for a minimum of 2 years before his discharge and has attended 75% of the total periods during his NCC Tenure he/she will need 36 periods of training to become eligible to appear for the examination.
    • If any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, the cadet must attend 75% periods of 1st and 2nd years of training.
  • The highest rank that can be acquired is of a Senior Warrant Officer (SUO).
  • Now comes the most important part of the “C” certificate which is its advantages. The advantages are in government jobs as well as corporate jobs. Let’s have a closer look at its benefits:-

Opportunities For Getting Into Indian Army

  • 32 vacancies are reserved for “C” certificate holders in every course of the Indian Military Academy(IMA). These 32 seat holders of NCC special entry are exempted from written examination, they can directly appear for the Services Selection Board(SSB). But to be eligible for the reserved seats, the “C” certificate holder must have”A” or “B” grade in the “C” certificate.
  • Cadets are exempted from written examination of CDS and can directly apply for SSB. Only condition is for them to have an “A” or “B” grade in the “C” certificate.
  • Talking about getting exempted from written examination, this can be applicable for the cadets applying for the post of soldier GD.
  • You get 10-15 bonus marks during recruitment in paramilitary forces i.e. BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB etc.

Opportunities For Getting Into Indian Navy

  • “C” certificate holders get 6 bonus marks for a sailor’s job and 15 bonus marks for Artificer Apprentices.
  • 9 seats are reserved in the Navy for “C” certificate holders. Candidates having a B.Sc degree in physics /maths are eligible for this scheme. B.E. candidates are also eligible. Age group must be 19-24 years.

Opportunities For Getting Into Indian Air Force

  • 5 extra marks are awarded to “C” certificate holders.
  • 10% vacancies are reserved for pilot courses of Indian Air Force.

Opportunities For Getting Into Public Sector

Organisations like Indian Airlines, Pawan Hans Ltd, The National Small Industries Corp. Ltd. etc. give some preferences to the “C” certificate holders. Apart from these organisations many others prefer a “C” certificate holder over a normal candidate.

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