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The flag of NCC was made with such minute details that makes it quite unique. Each detail has a hidden value of its own which is depicted with incredible perfection.NCC had its first flag designed in 1951 which resembled the flag used by different regiments of the army at that time. The flag was similar in shape, size and colour to that of the flag used by the army, with the only difference where it had an NCC badge and designation placed in the centre. Later in 1954, the need to modify the flag was felt.

The modified had following features:-

  • Now the flag was modified by adding a glimpse of the three inter-services in the flag by introducing tri colour to it. The tri colours arranged in order are red for the army, deep blue for the navy and light blue for the air force.
  • NCC is written in gold in the middle of the flag.
  • The words NCC are surrounded by a wreath of 17 lotus representing 17 state directorates of NCC.
  • Two dots at the end of the wreath represents the different officers training academy across India.
  • At the bottom of the flag, NCC motto is written in Hindi as “EKTA AUR ANUSHASHAN”.

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