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There are in total 15 OLQs, which selection boards look for selecting a candidate, and consider them to be fit for joining the armed forces. One has to focus on all these qualities to imbibe by heart in order to achieve the uniform by becoming part of the prestigious organization Indian Armed Force. A candidate is assessed from the very first date and is checked if they have all these 15 OLQ or not. These cannot be pretended but have to be inculcated through daily life changes.

These are categories in four parts which are mentioned below in detail.


In an organization like defense forces, where a candidate is getting selected as a young officer who is going to lead 1000 of soldiers, he definitely needs to have good analytical skills, along with planning and organising capability. Let’s see what all it contribute to:

  1. Effective Intelligence: This is WHAT for every question, situation or task given.This Quality reflects a person’s ability to think out of the box, with available resources to accomplish the task effectively. Example: To prepare a dish with available items in the kitchen, to save a life of a person with available resources like, first aid(in form of tying cloth to stop blood rush) or similar such real life incidents. What is actually required to be done to accomplish the task,what are the ways, possible solutions etc is given by this quality.
  • Reasoning Ability: This is HOW for every question, or task given.This quality helps a candidate to find the best solution in available options by using rational thinking for prioritising choices. Example: Choosing a course for career, by reasoning its usage, advantages for future, its daily life implementation, growth scope over the other , choosing a path out of two based on traffic, travel time, safety etc.

A candidate can find the options through intelligence(theory+practical), how to implement that in the best suitable manner tells about the reasoning ability of the candidate, and is checked in every test of SSB.

  • Power of Expression(POE): Effective communication improves POE, Listening carefully is one of its core aspects. Candidate having an idea which he/she is not able to present is of now use, hence conveying your message in such a manner that its meaning is conveyed effectively to the recipient. Example: Written a very good story in PPDT but unable to express ideas during narration or GD, lacks POE, thus this OLQ plays a great contribution in candidate selection.

           This OLQ is master of all the .above OLQ, if at all , a person is able to find WHAT, and

           HOW, he must have the capability to express it through his/her words and actions both. If

        the idea is not conveyed properly then the implementation will not be upto the  expectation.

  • Organising Ability: This quality can be enhanced from day to day activity by planning and scheduling tasks as per priority.After identifying all WHAT, HOW, one needs to rearrange all in a proper manner, to give it a complete picture, Organising any idea, to convert into actions, can only be done by proper planning and OLQ of organising ability using the resources, Men and material both effectively. So, as to achieve the desired results.

Example: To organize picnic–> arranging travel, deciding venue, inviting members, planning types of food, games to be played, timing, dates, to reach and enjoy and return. These need a proper plan which can be enhanced by improving this quality.


Social adjustments are to adjust yourself in different geographical locations, different temperature, terrain, people of different cultures, languages etc. Defense is a versatile job which wants candidates who have capability to adjust themself quickly to such variation in their job profile.

  1. Social Adaptability: Adjusting with people of different cultures, languages, mindset with the feeling of belongingness. Not having a complaining nature about anything which cannot be provided due to certain circumstances. Example: to become a good friend of all the classmates without any grudges towards anyone.Adapting to a new environment quickly and getting comfortable with people and climate, and surroundings of that place.
  • Cooperation: The quality to help each other by showing team spirit in order to achieve common goals shows cooperation. It also depicts candidates supporting nature towards other subordinates which eventually foster the quality of work in less span of time with a positive aura around.

Example: A College/School final year project with 4-5 members to work collectively to make it the best among others shows cooperation and teamwork.

  • Sense of Responsibility: A candidate who understands the nature of requirement and makes others confident of his/her reliability by giving assurance of fulfilling the duty as per requirement without giving chance to others for any complaint shows responsible nature. A potential officer takes the responsibility of tasks given, thus a candidate who takes charge of his/her responsibilities is deemed to be selected.

Example: Completing homework in time, picking one task at home to do with full responsibility at home (watering plants, dusting, bringing veggies from market etc)


  1. Initiative: Everyone wants to become a trailblazer, for that one should take Initiative, be it a very small step like raising a hand for asking a question in the audience, to start any project on your own. This quality helps to assess whether the candidate will be always ready for any new challenges and would take the lead. An officer is required to do many innovative tasks to improve the quality of service, for that one should have this quality of taking a stand to start anything on their own and motivate others to join thereafter. This is one of the major qualities of a leader.In terms of SSB, being the first to start GD, and so on.
  • Self Confidence: Believe in yourself, is the funda behind this Quality, which makes every terrain easy to climb.If one is confident enough, the energy is reflected in every action and words, confidence comes with knowledge and awareness.The trait of a good leader is being self confident, this helps one to take initiative, to take decisions accurately with the knowledge he/she having which eventually gives confidence.
  • Speed of Decision: Taking decision in very less span of time analysing its pros and cons, to make it the most effective one for the purpose. A candidate who is having great knowledge, good reasoning skills of choosing the best option and then deciding which one to select bears this quality of decision making. Taking quick decisions is not sufficient if that’s not the right decision. Smart and Quick decisions makers make the best optimum solution. As defense forces need such officers who can take worthy decisions within a second of time as the scope of error is zero at borders.
  • Ability to Influence the Group: A candidate who can express his/her ideas which are smart and effective, he/she can easily influence people to do the same. Thus a good leader is considered to be influential, as we can see many examples in the world, where we have some idols and one follows them, they have influenced us with their wisdom, their ideas, their confidence, positive attitude, cooperative nature, and so many other good qualities.
  • Liveliness: A person who is dull and barely talks to anyone, and the other who is confident and friendly with everyone, Most of the people will tend to talk to the friendly one with more comfort than the other. It’s alright to be introvert, but not engaging yourself with others, not expressing ideas fully, not smilingly accepting others view, will go against your liveliness quality. One must have good control over his/her temperament and how to create a friendly, positive environment with everyone, with your soft spoken attitude and genuine smile to make others happy and comfortable.


A Dynamic personality is well accepted in every organization who are looking for young blood, ready to go, and energetic souls. Thus this factor actually showcases one’s capability to confirm the rest of the OLQs.

It consists of the following three OLQ:

  1. Determination:A candidate is assessed for this OLQ to check the dedication one is having towards the Armed forces. If one is putting all efforts with perseverance and is not desperate or having falsy reasons to be part of armed forces would only be entertained. A candidate must be having firm determination and a clear idea of what this will take him/her towards, can only have this OLQ. As Defense does not give jobs, it gives way of life, to cherish it, strong determination is all required, even for any dream determination is the strongest key, which only gives energy to fuel a person even after failures.
  • Courage: To go against all the odds, even if it frightens, is called courage. A candidate is assessed based on the fear one is having and the courage to fight the fear is recommended, Example : fear of falling, yet the person is able to jump off the wall in GTO, is having courage. Candidate who is having stage fear yet is able to express ideas beautifully in group discussion is having courage. Courage can be seen in day to day life. Having fear of leaving parents, home sickness, yet is able to travel alone, stay away from home, when required is courage. Its equivalent to bravery and defense forces are known for their bravery.
  • Stamina: The capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.This quality is assessed in a candidate to know if the officer is asked to climb a rough terrain, would he/she be able to do, A person doing cross country marathon not only having physical stamina but also mental stamina, which actually let a person to defeat all odds, and win over all. Thus a person who is just good at sports but not having a strong emotional stand is not considered having stamina. Candidate who can bear stress, pain and has the capability to withstand even after every fatigue in body and mental endurance to keep going. Thus a candidate who stands after every fall is courageous enough because of the stamina he.she has.

So, above all Factors inclusively plays a great role in any candidate’s selection. A candidate might not be strong in all 15 OLQ, but at least a candidate should be having few strong, few average and few trainable, hence a candidate missing any of these qualities will lose a chance of donning the prestigious uniform. So, not to be mistaken but try to inculcate these qualities from today itself, and you will see a positive transformation. These OLQ not only required for SSB, but also it helps you to become a better person and in any field, phase of life.