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Personal Information Questionnaire(PIQ)

This PIQ form is like a CV for a candidate to get the placement,so it needs to be filled with caution and beautifully. Fill all the details in capital letters to make it presentable and readable. 

This form is given to candidates after the Psych test, to be filled in 10-15 minutes of time. So, please go through it beforehand to acquaint yourself with the details required to be written in a short span of time. Generally there are three copies of PIQ taken for all assessors , but it is majorly for the interview process.

All the questions are going to come up based on your details filled in the PIQ, and the answers are expected as per the details mentioned in it, so it should always be filled with authentic and genuine details, so as not to create any conflict between the written and vocal response (mansa/vachna) and the expression and gesture would confirm the authenticity of these two (karmsa).

We will go through in detail one by one. Please get a print out of the PIQ form available at the website to walk through the details, and understand how to fill a PIQ form.

The top right corner will be used to write your OIR marks of the day 1 test, thus it holds an impression of your intelligence and reasoning overall. 

  1. Details of roll no., SSB place/board no (written in call letter), chest no which will be given you post screening, and the roll number if its through written entry, the batch no. would be told by the board to all the candidates.
  2. Write your name in Full letter (as per your 10th marksheet in capital letter)
  3. Write Father’s name , for those fathers who are defense personnel can use the rank prefix if agreed by the Board, rest have to use salutation Mr/Dr. etc Those whose father is retired from the defense can write (Retd.) at the end of the name.
  4. These sections tells about which place candidates are coming from and their permanent address

(living at a place more than 10 years), write the dates very precisely with the approx population .

These details would be asked as questions, to check your knowledge and awareness of your surroundings , like all popular facts of that city, so just go through the wikipedia of your city or collate the details like, edu instt, historical relevance, food culture, heritage sites, national importance etc.

  1. Permanent address City and state, Mother tongue (language used in family as mode comm) Caste (general put dash) , DOB, status(single, married, widower).
  2. For those whose parents are deceased would write the details in a/b

6c. Details of family members, their education qualification, designation in occupation, salary.

The questions in rapid fire will be asked to tell all the details of family members and it should coincide with what the candidate has written in PIQ, how your family is using their salary, are you satisfied with that, about the organisation of your family members can be asked.

  1. This section includes all the details of candidates educational qualification starting from class 10th (high school) till the latest one. Candidates have to write the details, education institute name, if the instt name is in abbreviation , write that way and at the bottom of PIQ write, any special achievement in educationals sphere (science project , Representation in any olympiad, research paper, honours score in subject, etc , the details would be asked as per the details in one of the Rapid fire or directly.
  2. Age to be written 9years, months ) if the SSB is in Dec 2020 , your age should be counted till december month ), for height it’s always asked in metre, so calculate it if you remember it in cm or feet , and the current weight at the time of SSB or near month.
  3. This section is for those who are presently employed (in any organisation or a part time job , write the designation, organisation, and the monthly salary, Eg:marketing executive in IBM at 40,000/ pm. Part time job (Tuition – 9-12 class, 15000/ pm. For those who are pursuing education will write Student, institute name. Candidates who have finished education and are doin preparation from more than 2 years will write
  4. This section is for NCC cadets, they have to write the details of their respective wings (ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE), and the certificate obtained till the time of SSB.
  5. A.This particular section contains details of candidates participation in sports and games activities. Remember here Sports is something having predefined set of rules, whereas games dont have and can be created or altered at a time. So even gulli danda becomes a game and can exist in this section.

It’s not necessary that one would have represented at some level, but even if you play cricket, badminton at your home or just for fun can be included in the list (provided you should have all the knowledge of its rules, court, field dimension, equipment knowledge etc.) Not having any games/sports can throw a bad impact on assessors (as it reflects you are not physically active). 

So, if you are still wondering what to write here, start playing one game/sports from today itself. Start running because in academy, ragda will not let u sleep without turf.

B. Hobbies: Pass time activities, which dont let you get bored in a regular routine.

   Eg: Gardening, Dancing, Running, Writing, etc (depends on what person likes to do very often) 

Interest: Activities for which one has to take out some time from regular routine activity 

  Eg: Cooking, Running, Travelling , Adventure , Photography etc.(At Least once/twice in a month)

C. Extra Curricular Activities :

All the extra effort a candidate has made in his life for personality development would be written here, these can be small presentations in school/college or outside, dance performance, any social work, debate competition, etc (except games/sports ) with any outstanding achievements if any.

D. Positions held: This section shows candidates leadership and initiative for any particular activities mentioned in above sections.  

Eg : Sports Head , Volunteer for any Camp/Fest , captain of any activity group , Scout Guide, NCC Parade lead, Annual function Organiser etc.

  1. Choice of Service/Commission:  Army. Navy, Air Force (Short Service, Permanent Commission)
  2. No. of chances availed: For fresher (0), Repeater (No. of previous attempts Screen Out+Conference out)
  3. Details of previous attempts; this should be equal to the number of chances mentioned in above section. Candidates are expected to remember the batch details, place of SSB/AFSB, Date (if not exact details- then the month/year of SSB/AFSB). The type of entry can be through TGC/SSC TECH, CDSE, AFCAT, INET etc.