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PLA continues construction 1 Km behind Galwan buffer zone

China is continuing with its infrastructure build-up close to the Line of Action (LAC) with new structures being spotted one kilometer behind the buffer zone in the Galwan area. After the clashes at Galwan, both sides withdrew from the area and created a buffer zone. The 10 permanent structures have come up 1 kilometer behind the buffer zone, on the Chinese side of the LAC. 

A new construction, either for observation or for the launching of UAVs have been seen near Fukche, again on the Chinese side. It is 6 Km from the LAC, but being on a hilltop has a clear view of positions of Indian personnel in the region. 

PLA is constructing a tunnel-like structure, again on its side of the LAC. This is behind Mobada La, a place close to LAC. A new road is also being built between Sirijap and Khurnak and between Moldo and Rudok. Another road is being constructed along the Pare Chu River. 

Army chief General Naravane has also spoken of the Chinese infrastructure close to the Line of Actual Control.  

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