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PM Modi slams Pak saying using terror as political tool is dangerous

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed United Nations General Assembly on Saturday during his official trip to the United States for the in-person Quad summit. During his speech, he strongly gave a message to Pakistan while slamming it for the use of terrorism as a political tool. 

He indirectly pointed to Pakistan saying that countries with a regressive mindset, which were using terrorism as a political tool, needed to understand that terrorism can be as dangerous for them. “It is important to ensure that Afghanistan territory is not used to spread terrorism and carry out terrorist attacks,” said PM Modi. 

“At this point of time, the people of Afghanistan – women, children, and minorities – need help and have to fulfil our responsibilities,” PM Modi further added acknowledging the delicate situation in Afghanistan.  

PM Modi also advocated for the development of science-based, rational, and progressive thinking saying that the world is faced with a threat from regressive thinking and extremism. 

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