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POTUS says strikes in Syria a warning call for Iran

President Joe Biden said on Friday that Iran should view his decision to authorize US airstrikes in Syria as a warning call and it can have dire consequences for its support to militia groups that threaten US interests or personnel. 

The US administration officials supported the Thursday night airstrikes as legal and appropriate, saying they took out facilities that stored valuable capabilities used by Iranian-backed militia groups to attack American and allied forces in Iraq. 

President Joe Biden’s decision to carry out an airstrike in Syria did not appear to signal an intention of the US military involvement to widen in the region but to demonstrate a determination to protect US troops in Iraq and send a strict message to Iran.  

The US Defense Secretary Llyod Austin said that he was confident the US had hit back at the same Shia militants that carried out the February 15 rocket attack in northern Iraq, targeting the US.

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