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Psychology Tests are conducted on day 2 of the SSB. The candidates who clear the screening process go through Psychology Tests the next day. A psychologist conducts the Psychology Tests. The psychologist may be a Commissioned Officer of the Armed Forces or a civilian.

There are 4 tests that fall under Psychology Test-

  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self Description Test (SDT)


Psychology is the science of behaviour and mind. Psychology includes study of conscious and unconscious phenomena as well as feeling and thought. From this definition it is clear that the Psychology Tests are conducted to check a candidate’s  MANASA that is his intellect and thought process. The Psychologist projects a variety of controlled conditions (stimulus) which resembles real life scenarios, everyday incidents and some unusual or emergency conditions to the candidates. Through the response of the candidates his emotional, attitudinal and behavioural pattern emerges clearly. The chart below  simplifies it further.

These tests are conducted under time constraints so that candidates are forced to write their initial response that comes to their mind and not alter or mask their response to give a more desirable response. The initial response is your genuine response developed overtime through your experiences, lifestyle, thought process, socio-economic background, education and actions. This response helps the Psychologist to draw a picture of your personality and judge your OLQs.


  1. Listen carefully to the rules and briefings given by the Psychologist and strictly follow them. Clarify the doubts if any, before the commencement of the test.
  2. Maintain a good handwriting. Psychology doesn’t depend on your handwriting but your writing should be readable. Good handwriting creates a good impression.
  3. Write your genuine responses, don’t copy it from anywhere as it will be confirmed in other tests as well.

For example- if you are portraying yourself as a fit and healthy person in the Psychology test, the reality will come out in the GTO (Individual obstacles, GOR etc.) and the Interviewer may ask you questions like, “what do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy”. SSB looks for congruence in your response in all the three test. Any conflicting response will go against you. So in nutshell portray the real you as the SSB has several tools to break the superficial appearance put on by a candidate.

  • Don’t copy other candidate’s responses. Everyone has a unique personality, what worked for him may not work for you.
  • Write the first response that comes in your mind, don’t waste your time in thinking too much as time is scarce.
  • Give realistic and logical responses.
  • The key to success in Psychology is practice. Your response and time management will get better with practice.

There is no right or wrong response in Psychology Tests, it varies from candidate to candidate and depends on their experiences, lifestyle, thought process, socio-economic background, education and actions. Everyone has a unique personality and so will be your response. Make sure you portray the real you.

Moreover, be confident. Believe in your dreams, work hard and prepare well. You will surely succeed with flying colours.