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Rifleman Dhonkal Singh was from Jodhpur. He was born to Mr. Simrath Singh and Mrs. Mot Kaur on 1st Dec 1923. He recruited into 6 Rajputana Rifles of The Rajputana Rifles, one of the most decorated regiments in the Indian Army in 1944.

Service Number2831725
Place of BirthJodhpur, Rajasthan
Unit6 Raj Rif
RegimentRajputana Rifles
AwardMaha Vir Chakra
Date of Martyrdom30th April 1948

Just after India was being divided into two independent countries, India and Pakistan, both the nation were at war with each other and majorly in the J&K area. In 1948, Rifleman Dhonkal Singh’s unit was deployed in the URI sector. On the 18th of April, Pak Army attacked two pickets held by 6 Raj Rif but couldn’t get anything except heavy casualties on their side. Later on, 29th April, 6 Raj Rif was tasked to capture the Nalwa picket, which was also called” Uri Ka Morcha” because of its strategic importance.
On 30th April, the troops started their operation. They had to pass through a narrow ridge that was covered by pinewood. The enemy had noticed the movement of the platoon and was waiting for them to come within the firing range. As the platoon came within 30 yards of an enemy position, the enemy opened fire with LMG. Rifleman Dhonkal Singh was hit with a burst of LMG, which wounded his left shoulder. He immediately took their position. He realized, they had to silence the LMG to move forward. He moved forward to a flank in a crawling position and went close to few yards from the enemy bunker and blew it with a grenade, which killed three enemy soldiers. But meanwhile, Rifleman Dhonkal was also injured with an enemy’s grenade. But he kept aside his pain and went ahead to threw another grenade which killed two more enemy soldiers. Seeing this much bravery from the opponent, Pak soldiers went back leaving the post in fear of their life. By this bravery of Rifleman Dhonkal, 6 Raj Rif won their targets, but Rifleman Dhonkal was very badly injured, a lot of blood had flown out of his body till this time and he succumbed to his injuries. We lost there our one more very brave soldier, who had given us a very great victory in that area by his tremendous bravery and courage, despite thinking his safety.

Rifleman Dhonkal was conferred with the nation’s second-highest wartime gallantry award, ‘Mahavir Chakra’ posthumously.

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