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Rifleman Sunil Jang Mahat belonged to a beautiful hill station, Darjeeling in West Bengal. He was born to Mr. Nar Narayan Jang Mahat and Mrs. Beena Mahat. His father Shri Narayan was also a Subedar in the Indian Army. His grandfather was also an Army veteran. His grandfather was a Major in the Indian Army, Major Nakul Jang Mahat. There was a tradition of going into wars with their family. His grandfather had fought in the 1962 Indo-China war and his father had fought in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. He got the zeal of joining the Army from his father and grandfather. After completing his education, he went on to join the Indian Army and got recruited into the great and brave Gorkha Rifles. He got into 1/11 GR. At the time he completed his training, his unit was in Palampur, HP which was about to move to Pune for a peace location after serving in Siachen. But as some tensions started escalating in LoC, 1/11 GR was called upon to Kargil.

Service Number9421568N
Place of BirthDarjeeling, WB
Unit1/11 GR
Regiment11 Gorkha Rifle
Date of Martyrdom15th May 1999

On 9th May, their unit was in Batalik Sector, they were under the command of the 70 Infantry Brigade. The terrain there was very tough. The very little input which they got told that the enemy has occupied heights of Jubar and Kukadthang. So, a plan was made to occupy the ridgelines of Kukadthang firstly. So, 1/11 GR was tasked to capture Point 4821.
On 09th May they started their way. On the way, they linked up with 3 Punjab on 10th May, which was very badly attacked by the enemy, because the enemy was at a very strategically advantageous position. Rifleman Sunil was the signal operator of the platoon, which was led by Lt. RS Rawat. Till 13th May, the company had achieved mini success, by throwing the enemy back by around 1 km. But their logistic support got delayed because of heavy Artillery fire by the enemy. But finally, Lt. Samiran Roy came with ‘B’ company for reinforcement. So once again they were charged with their ammunition and food. They started another attack on the 15th of May.

Rifleman Sunil was also giving a befitting reply to the enemies. Lt. Roy was on his right side. He had two tasks to do simultaneously, one to provide radio coverage and the other to continue with his firing and he was doing both of them with full dedication and excellence. But suddenly, he got hit by an enemy bullet in his body and he fell on the spot and succumbed to his injuries. And just at an age of 20, he gave an ultimate sacrifice for the nation.

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