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Sample story-

Sudip, Mohan and Praveen are childhood friends. After completing their studies they got jobs and started working in different cities. One day they decided to have a get-together at Praveen’s house. Sudip and Mohan reached Praveen’s house on the scheduled day. In the evening when they were playing cards, Praveen’s son entered the room and started watching them playing. Meanwhile Sudip lit a cigarette and started smoking. Seeing this Mohan asked the child to go out and play. He then asked Sudip not to smoke in front of the child as it will impact the child negatively. If he wants to smoke he can go out and do so on the balcony. This led to a heated argument between Sudip and Mohan. Mohan kept his calm and through his efforts convinced Sudip not to repeat it again in front of the child. Sudip complied and they continued their game.

NOTE : The above mentioned story is a sample story. You may have different views on the same picture and every individual has a different approach. This example is just an illustration to the aspirants on the type of pictures that come and what can be the possible way to write a story on it.