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  1. HELP:- Experience helps during tough times.
  2. OBEY:- Obeying commands is the duty of a soldier.
  3. FRIENDS:- Friends make a great company.
  4. FAIL:- Hard Working students rarely fail.
  5. HESITATION:- Confidence overcomes hesitation.
  6. CONVERSATION:- Conversation removes misunderstandings.
  7. FIRE:- Fire gives light and warmth.
  8. FAILURE:- Failure is the stepping stone to success.
  9. TEASE:- Kids often get irritated by teasing.
  10. WORRY:- It is useless to worry after exams.
  11. CHEAT:- Bravehearts cheat death.
  12. ENJOY:- It is good to enjoy the company of friends.
  13. PRACTICE:- Performance improves with practice.
  14. EASY:- Machines make our work easy.
  15. LEARN:- Learning is a lifetime activity.
  16. BRAVERY:- Acts of bravery requires courage.
  17. DARJEELING:- Darjeeling is famous for tea.
  18. CONFIDENCE:- Success boosts confidence.
  19. RESPECT:- Knowledgeable people are respected by society.
  20. BANK:- Reserve Bank reduced repo rate to increase liquidity in the market.

NOTE: The above mentioned responses are sample responses. You may have different views on the same word and every individual has a different approach. These examples are just an illustration to the aspirants on the type of words that come and what can be the possible way to make a sentence using that word.