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Sep Randhir Kumar came from Katihar dist. in Bihar . He completed his education and joined the prestigious Indian army. He got recruitment in 3 Bihar battalion of the Bihar Regiment that is an infantry Regiment and popular for its bravery of the soldiers. He served in the army and got many postings in critical and operational areas. Then he was sent to the second longest world’s non-polar area, Siachen Glacier, under op Meghadoot.

Service No4290128M
Unit3 Bihar
Arm/RegtThe Bihar Regiment
OperationOp Meghdoot
Date Of Martyrdom19 Jun 2017


Sep Randhir Kumar was deployed at Siachen glacier region in 2017. The unit was deployed in Saltoro ridge at Siachen glacier in the Ladakh region of J & K. Siachen that is the second longest glacier in the world and known as the world’s highest battleground, is situated at an altitude of 5,700 meters. The temperature of the region is critically low and chilling cold – which could tend to minus 60 degrees Celsius during winter . Even the average temperature of the region is -20 degree celsius. Rightly said for the army,

That which is an adventure for you,

For us it’s daily experience.

For Siachen glacier, the challenge is not the enemy or hostile activities. But the biggest enemy is the weather. The frost biting cold. Exposure to cold winds , however , affects their health adversely .

On 19 June 2017, Sep Randhir Kumar was on the Bana post, the height of the post from the level is approximately 22,153 ft. , One of the highest peaks. They could keep a regular surveillance for a very long distance and have an eye on the enemy. They could even keep an eye on other various Indian positions and posts on Sonam and Amar posts , near to the Bilafond La pass. The brave sepoy was giving his duty and doing the surveillance meanwhile by adverse weather the soldiers were martyred. He lost his life and was martyred. Sep Randhir Kumar was a brave , passionate and patriotic soldier who dedicated his life at the age of 25 years, for pursuing his duty.

The tradition of the army that is followed by all men and soldiers and sepoy truly endorsed it….


A tribute to the martyr who gave his life for his duty. Jai Hind.