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Sepoy Arjun Baral was from the Kangpokpi district in Manipur. He was born to Shri Tankanath Baral. He joined the Indian Army in subsequent years. There he joined Territorial Army and got posted into 165 TA Bn, the unit was functional under the command of Assam Rifles.

Service Number13004850F
Place of BirthKangpokpi, Manipur
Unit165 TA Bn/ Assam Rifles
RegimentTerritorial Army
Date of Martyrdom8th May 2017

In 2017, the unit was posted in Manipur. In that area, UNFL (United Nation Liberal Front) was very active in anti-national activities. And there had been many encounters between UNFL and security forces. So, the troops had to maintain a high level of alertness, because any time they can be under attack by UNFL. The most dangerous task was to pass on from there on road, as most of the roads went through thick forest. On the 8th of May,
Sepoy Arjun with his other comrades had to move through the forest to reach their operational destination. At around 0530 hours, when they were moving close to the Indo-Myanmar border, they were attacked by MPA (Manipur People’s Army) and UNLF jointly. They blow an IED blast upon the security forces. The blast was very heavy in terms of destruction.

Sepoy Arjun Baral with other fellow soldiers got seriously injured and was shifted to nearby hospitals. And later Sep Arjun Baral was taken to a military hospital, but he succumbed to his injury and laid down his life. He is survived by his father and two brothers.

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