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Sepoy Soran Singh Kuntal

Sep Soran Singh Kuntal, born on 22nd Feb 1971, in Govardhan village of Mathura district, UP. He was always keen and had some inclination toward the army, so as after completing his PUC II year, he joined the Army at the age of 19 and was enrolled into 4 Jat Reg, an Infantry Regiment which is known for its brave soldiers and many battle honours.

With nine years of service in his name, his unit 4 Jat was deployed in Kargil 1999 War in Kaksar sector along LoC. The terrain with height ranging above 1500 ft, usually known as glaciated with the main ridge in area comprising point 5608, 5605 and point 5280 Spur junction which was hard to reach. With razor sharp ridges with height of avg. 1750 ft, to build and supply logistics and launch the offence was difficult. Sep Soran Singh unit was functioning under 121(1) Brigade with JAK Rifles, planned to launch a preliminary operation to patrol and assess the situation and plan the further movement. June 28, 1999 reconnaissance patrol where Sep Soran Singh Kuntal was part of it kept moving dangerous terrain and bad weather. However, the patrol moment was caught by the enemy and started intense fire on the team. During exchange of fire, Sep Soran Singh got hit with an enemy bullet and later succumbed to his injury and was martyred.

Service No.3184160
Birth PlaceMathura, UP
Unit4 Jat
RegimentThe Jat Reg.
Date Of MartyrdomJune 26, 1999

Sepoy Soran Singh Kuntal was a brave and gallant soldier who laid down his life at the age of 28 year of his life in service of his nation.

This nation will remain the land of free only so long as it is the home of brave – Elmer Davis