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Potentially good candidates are those who don’t need to prepare for any personality or
character. They don’t even need to prepare for SSB, they are already suited to the situation
and their environment and surroundings is such that it made them this way such as smart,
humble, confident, leading and following, listening, obeying orders, attention to details, etc.

  1. They have a good general awareness. They possess the habit of reading newspapers
    daily and hence are well suited to know the facts about what is going on around the
  2. They are confident but not arrogant. They are confident in their tone and actions but
    are always ready to follow and learn from others.
  3. They always have a very simple if not unique understanding of situations which make
    them stand out.
  4. They are calm and composed. Always accessing the situations before taking any
  5. They are well dressed and have a proper body language. Their dresses are neat and
    clean and always well mannered.
  6. They always have instantaneous replies and answers to problems which make them
    attend psychological tests with considerable ease.
  7. They do not stress in situations where the invigilator or situation is pressurizing them.
    They act calmly and reply “I do not know” to questions they don’t know.
  8. They have high emotional intelligence and they never let their emotions get the better
    of them.
  9. They always accept their flaws and mistakes and work towards betterment of
  10. They are very easily adapted and accepted in a group.
  11. They have good stamina (both mental and physical).
  12. They have determination and they strive hard to achieve it.
  13. They are always courageous in their approach and always stand by for themselves but
    they are also flexible in adopting other ideas.
  14. They have actively taken part in academics, sports and extracurriculars during their
    school or college.
    Having said that, officer-like qualities can be developed by anyone with consistent
    practice at home and even in the workplace. Anybody who can develop these qualities
    and knows how to adapt has a genuine chance of recommendation.
    Jai Hind.

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