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What is SRT?

Situation Reaction Test is the third Psychological test conducted on day 2 of the SSB Interview after TAT and WAT. It is generally a test of common sense.

In this test a set of situations are presented to the candidates. These are situations from our day to day life problems and candidates are required to give their response.

Based on the response the Psychologist determines behavioural tendencies of a candidate and assess how the candidate will behave in a certain situation. This test is conducted under time constraint so that candidates are forced to write the first response that comes to their mind and not alter or mask the response to give a more desirable one. The first response is their genuine response developed overtime based on the way of their living, experiences, environment, education, socio-economic background etc.

The response to the SRTs will therefore reflect the candidate’s understanding of the situation, practicality, mental resoluteness to address the situation, initiative and the ability to handle stress.


Each candidate will be given a booklet containing 60 situations. A separate answer sheet is provided to write the answers.

There are a total 60 situations and time allotted is 30 minutes. So this means that a candidate only gets 30 seconds for one situation.


  1. Write short and brief answers. Your answers should be logical, practical and should make sense.
  2. Figure out all the possible resources available and use them in your answers.
  3. Never deny the situation, accept it. For e.g., if it says you were traveling and lost your purse, don’t write that you searched and found it in your pocket. The situation has already occurred and you are supposed to give your reaction and not change the situation altogether.
  4. Never skip any situation in between, it shows you are trying to run away from a difficult situation. Do you think an officer will do so? The answer is NO.
  5. Give your genuine response and not mugged up responses as every individual has a unique personality and approaches a situation accordingly. Your genuine response will match your personality.
  6. Be fast in writing as time is scarce and make sure it is clear and readable.
  7. Write quality answers and don’t rush after quantity.

Sample Of SRT