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Sizing and forming a squad in a proper symmetry is important during a drill as it gives a good impression to the spectators and also allows the commander to monitor his squad effectively.

Sizing is done I the following manner with the following commands :-

“LAMBA DAHINE, CHOTA BAEN, EK LINE MEIN” (tallest on the right, shortest on the left in single rank-size). The whole squad turns right and arrange themselves in the order where the tallest cadet is on the right side and shortest on the left. This arrangement should be done on the commander’s count till 10. The arranged cadets should be in savdhaan and facing the commander in one straight line.

“SQUAD DAHINE SE GINTI KAR” (squad start counting from right). The tallest cadet on the right starts counting and is continued by the rest of the cadets on his left. The counting ends on the shortest cadet on the left.

“VISAM CADET EK KADAM AAGE, SAM CADET EK KADAM PEECHE” (odd numbers one pace forward, even numbers one pace step back march”. Cadets with odd numbers have to march one step forward while cadets with even numbers have to march one step backwards.

“DAHINE CADET KHADA RAHE. VISAM CADET DAHINE, SAM CADET BAEN, LINE DAHINE BAEN MUD” (stand fast the right hand man, odd numbers to the right, even numbers to the left, ranks right and left turn). All turn as ordered except the right hand man who remains facing the front. The squad then forms three ranks with even numbers following behind the odd number i.e. number 1 remains number 1 of the front rank, number 3 becomes number 1 of the centre rank, number 5 becomes number 1 of the rear rank, number 7 becomes number 2 of the front rank and so on. On halting in position, each man turns to his front, takes up his own dressing and remains at attention.

“TEEN LINE BANAO, TEZ CHAL” (form up in three ranks in quick march). The cadets form three ranks (front, centre and rear). Each rank is spaced by 30 inches and there’s one arm distance between each cadet.


In the beginning if the instructor doesn’t know the name of the cadets, he might call them as the number of the rank. The front rank of the squad will number off sharply from right to left, the right hand cadet calling out ‘one’ the next ‘two’ and so on. Each cadet has their head steady and eyes straight to the front. The number of the front cadet will be the number of centre and rear cadets also. It is also the responsibility of the instructor to know the name of the cadets as soon as possible.


Open and close order marching is done to inspect the cadets, their positions and their uniforms during drill practice. In open and close order marching the front and the rear cadets move one and a half pace forward and backward respectively, while centre rank cadets remain at the same position.


Command is “KHULI LINE CHAL”. The cadets in the front rank move the right foot forward one full step and shoot the left foot one short step and lift the foot to bring the two feet together in savdhaan position. The same is done by the rear rank cadets, but instead of moving forward they have to move backward. The centre rank remains the same.


During drill, the formation of cadets might be deformed and hence it is required to bring the squad in proper formation again, this is called dressing. To maintain the formation of the squad be in line by the right or left and cover off from front to rear at the correct distance from the rank in front and at the correct interval from the man on the right or left.

Whenever a squad halts, dressing will take place to make sure the formation is still intact. When a squad or unit gets on parade, dressing will be taken up automatically without the word of command.

The word of command for dressing is “DAHINE SAJ” (right dress). Right hand man remains the same, while all other cadets shoot a short pace(15 inches) forward with left foot, count regulation pause(40 movements to the minute), turn head and eyes to the right, except for the right hand man. Cadets in the front rank only will extend their right arm, fist clenched, and the knuckles brushing the shoulder of the cadet on their right side. Count a regulation pause each individual then dresses by taking short quick steps until he can just see the lower part of the face of the man two places away from him. The right hand man of the centre and rear rank, places himself 30 inches from the rank in front, each individual of these ranks covering off correctly by glancing out of the corner of his eye. The turning of the head and eyes should be a deliberate movement and not a casual glance.

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