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Subedar Basappa Patil & Sepoy HasansabKhudavand

“Soldiers never die, they remain forever in our hearts as Martyr.”-Ragini Chaudhury

Subedar Basappan Patil hail from Belgaum, Karnataka. Joined Indian Army in the year 1990. His service number was JC-440791Y. Where as Sepoy HasansabKhudavand belongs to Dharwad, Karnataka. With the service number 2622681L. Both worriers belong to 21 Madras of the Madras Regiment. And unfortunately, country lost both of the soldiers on 29th July 2016 due to mine blast along LoC.

On regular petrol along the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir, where every soldier has to be on alert and with a natural obstacles and harsh terrain it become difficult to petrol in that area. During one such petrol where Sub. Basappa Patil was leading the petrol team and Sepoy Hasansab was also included in that team. Going through their regular routes and searching for unusual activities, the team came under a mine blast. The blast was so severe that both Sub Basappa Patil and Sepoy HasansabKhudavand got badly injured. Though they were rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to their injuries. Both the Martyred soldiers were brave and valiant soldiers. Taking part in many operations and laying their services for nation and later sacrificing their life to safeguard the nation, and thus following the highest tradition of Indian Army.