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Subedar Harful Singh Kulhari was born on 2nd June 1952 in Rajasthan. He was born to Shri Bhagirath Mal Kulhari and Smt. Zuma Devi. He did his initial schooling at a government school at Kollinda, which was located around 5 km away from his village. His family was poor, they cannot afford more education for him. So Subedar Harful studied till the 8th only. Later on, he applied for the Indian Army and got recruited into 17 Jat of the famed Jat Regiment in 1971. Till 1999, he rose to the rank of Subedar starting from a soldier because of his dedication towards his duty and gaining various experiences on the battlefield.

Service Number183456
Place of BirthRajasthan
Unit17 Jat
RegimentJat Regiment
Date of Martyrdom30th May 1999

In May 1999, India got to indulge in war with Pakistan because of the mass infiltration from the Pakistan side in our territory in the Kargil area. Various Army regiments were tasked to capture our area at any cost. 17 Jat also got the opportunity to win for their country. After inducting Kargil on 26th May, they got their first task to capture Point 4540. Subedar Harful was also the part of the team which was about to attack. Subedar Harful Singh along with his 38 soldiers set off for their objective as planned. The enemy forces were well entrenched and were keeping a close watch on the movement of Indian soldiers. By 4 am Subedar Harful Singh and his men had reached very close to the enemy bunker and when they were just 100 meters away from the bunker, the enemy saw them and started a fire on the men of 17 Jat. Subedar Harful Singh and his men quickly swung into action and retaliated forcefully. A heavy gun battle started from both sides. Subedar Harful Singh also got hit by a bullet in his arm but kept on his power, his zeal to fight didn’t break at any moment. In some period, all the troops were outnumbered by the enemy. Subedar Harful Singh got hit by two bullets on his head and three in the chest and collapsed on the ground. He was martyred but his soldiers inspired by his gallantry and courage kept up the ferocity of the attack. Eventually the soldiers of the 17 Jat battalion managed to destroy the enemy bunkers and captured the given objective. The capture of Point 4540 was very important which eventually paved the way for the capture of the strategically significant Point 4875. Subedar Harful Singh displayed a great amount of courage and very brave leadership. He kept on motivating his troops throughout the operation.

Unfortunately, Subedar Harful Singh’s body could only be recovered 46 days after the operation ended successfully on 14th July 1999.
Subedar Harful Singh is survived by his mother Smt Zuma Devi, wife Smt Sukani Devi, sons Praveen & Pradeep, and daughter Prem.

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