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Taiwan accuses China of waging economic warfare against tech sector

Taiwan’s government on Wednesday accused China of waging economic warfare against the Chinese-claimed island’s tech sector by stealing technology and luring away engineers, as parliament considers strengthening laws to prevent this. 

Four Taiwanese lawmakers from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party are leading a proposal to amend the commercial secrets law to widen the scope of what is considered a secret and toughens penalties. 

In a report to the parliament about the proposed amendments, Taiwan’s National Security Bureau blamed China for most cases of industrial espionage by foreign forces discovered in recent years. “The Chinese Communists’ infiltration into our technology is not only about economic interests, but also has a political intention to make Taiwan poorer and weaker.” 

Taiwan’s Economy Ministry, in its report, said China was trying to boost its semiconductor industry by “poaching’ Taiwanese talent “as well as obtaining our country’s industry’s commercial secrets, to harm the country’s competitiveness”. 

Lawmaker Ho Hsin-Chun, one of the legislators who has proposed the amendments said, “The infiltration of China’s red supply chain is everywhere.” 

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