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UAE intercepts two ballistic missiles over Abu Dhabi

It was reported that the UAE intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles fired by the Houthi terror group towards its capital Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Defence said. The attack came days after two Indians and a Pakistani were killed in a rare drone attack and missile strike claimed by the Yemeni rebels. 

According to the report, no human casualties were reported during the attack, as remnants of the intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles were found scattered in different areas around Abu Dhabi. 

“The air defences had intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles fired by the terrorist Houthi group towards the country on Monday,” the defence ministry announced on Twitter. 

According to the official WAM news agency, the ministry also said the UAE is ready to deal with any threat and would take all necessary measures to protect the country from attacks. 

Earlier this week, Houthi rebels attacked more than a week ago a fuel depot in Abu Dhabi, along with its main airport, heightening tensions in the oil-exporting area. 

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