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Word Association Test (WAT) is one of the four Psychology Tests conducted on day 2 of the SSB Interview. Word Association Test (WAT) is one of the psychological methods to test the subconscious mind of a candidate. It is a test of personality, imagination and mental function of a candidate.


  • A set of 60 words are projected one by one on a screen to the candidates.
  • 15 seconds are allotted to the candidates for a single word to read and write their response on a booklet in the form of a complete sentence.
  • After 15 seconds, another word appears on the screen with a beep. The same procedure applies to all the 60 words.

Thus the total time allotted for WAT is 15 minutes.


Word Association Test is a projective technique in which a list of words are projected to the candidates. Each word stimulates their thought process and they give a response in the form of a sentence. Due to time constraint the candidates are forced to write the first thought that comes to their mind and not alter or mask the response to give a more desirable response. The first response that the candidates write is their genuine response. Each candidate has a different perception of the word and hence frames a sentence accordingly. This response is influenced by their environment, experiences, education, knowledge, socio-economic background and actions. This response helps the Psychologist to draw a picture of the candidate’s personality and judge his/her OLQ’s.


  1. Write sentences that reflect your views and beliefs and not bookish words.
  2. You can use any form of the word. For the word CRUEL ,you can use cruelty in your sentence. For example- kindness overcomes cruelty.
  3. The sentences should be framed in such a manner that they convey Officer Like Qualities (OLQ’S).
  4. Write  sentences which reflect OLQ’s with a positive vibe.
  5. You can write factual sentences based on recent happenings.  

For e.g. DEAL-: India is very careful while dealing with China.


  1. Avoid writing idioms or phrases as these portray lack of imagination and originality of thoughts.
  2. Don’t write negative sentences. These can be transformed into a positive one by using two techniques.
  3. DENIAL METHOD: This method is used to deny the existence of the negative words. Use words like Not, Never, Does not etc.

For e.g. FAIL- Hardworking students never fail.

  • REMEDIAL METHOD: Use words like removes, overcomes, cures etc.

For example- SHY: Frankness overcomes shyness.

  1. Avoid using “I” too often. Framing sentences using “I” is very easy like- I love playing cricket, I love my mother, I exercise daily etc. It shows lack of imagination and creativity.
  2. Avoid sentences that tend to preach or give suggestions.

For example- EXERCISE: We should exercise daily.

  1. Avoid repetition of sentences, it shows lack of imagination and creativity.
  2. Don’t rush and mess  up with serial number of the words. It shows you are confused and not able to remain calm therefore, pay attention. If you are not able to write a sentence for any word, write down that word in front of the serial number and later construct a short sentence possibly, while turning the pages.


  1. WAT is not a test of grammar or vocabulary. Write short sentences that convey your ideas clearly. 4-5 words in a sentence are more than enough as time allotted is very less.
  2. Don’t write mugged up sentences. It shows lack of originality. Be natural and instantaneous in your response.
  3. You can write sentences based on your experiences.
  4. The key to success in WAT is practice. You can improve your writing skills and time management with practice. Avoid mugging up while practicing and let your imagination take over the sentences.
  5. Practice using a timer.
  6. Your writing should be clear and readable. Avoid scribbling and over writing.

That was all for WAT. I hope you have got all that you need to know about WAT and will help you prepare in a better and efficient way for your SSB Interview. Let your imagination flow and construct original sentences.

Moreover be confident. Believe in your dreams, work smart and prepare well.

Think positive and stay calm.


Sample Of WAT